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Sex Slave Ring Operators are a growing breed in Europe, and beyond! How do they lure a half million women a year? by Sacreeta

If you are considering to apply and or accept a job abroad, you should stop and think twice, and do your homework.. or it may be the last 'free choice' decision you could ever make in your life.

Sex trades are one of the hottest ticket items on the underground market and unsuspecting, or desperate women fall prey to them every day. An estimation runs around a half million women a year!

Let's take a look at how this happens, in this day and age. (There are some informative links that will be posted at the end of this article to help you with further study on the subject.)

First of all, where the stats are so high on the number of women lured, and imprisoned by sex ring operators, it seems an educational lesson on teaching your daughters, sisters, mothers the reality of the danger seems prudent.

These girls answer simple ads run in newspapers, seeking something as innocent as a waitress to work in a local pub, with the promise of a working visa, to work in that country. The girls fall for the article, the charms of the villains, and are given fake work visa/passports when coming into which ever country they are lured into. Next, they are caged, locked up, and forced to work as prostitutes at glamorous spas, repeatedly raped and beaten, and terrified into a state so bad they don't attempt to escape. The ones who do attempt to escape are taught severe punishment lessons, and it seems the only way out is to become pregnant, where one girl was reportedly tossed to a curb due to that fact. These girls are forced to have unprotected sex with multiple partners, and in some cases are chained, until they lean to behave.

It makes one stomach tie in knots in reading words like that. It makes one wonder how the girls could be so easily lured into such a hellish nightmare. Some of the girls are simply kidnapped, others answer ads about becoming an instant star, or model, and others are simply lured by the hot ticket item of a visa in a country they consider to have a better economy than where they lived.

If you are that desperate to get out of the rut you live in, to have a chance to see the world, and expand your horizons, there are safe ways to go about it. Applying to reputable schools, and going to University in a safe country is one way. The United Nations is always hiring people to work in consulates, they are always in need of interpreters, and volunteers to feed the homeless and the hungry. You can go on the United Nations Official Website to see the legitimate opportunities.

If you are considering an advertisement for a position to work in a clothing store, a waitress in a bar, a nanny for a rich family, do your homework first, and think about it. No one is going to run ads for a waitress in a foreign country that would come with a visa. The only way most countries will provide a working visa is if it can be proven that no one else in that country is capable, or available to take on the job first. There is a lot of red tape that goes along with a working visa, and a company would have to go through a lot to sponsor someone, and it's simply not worth it for a minimum waged job. So if that's what you are thinking about.. Toss it in the TRASH!

In some countries access to the internet is limited, and expensive, but there are local outlets where shared internet use is available to the public. Don't respond to anything until you have access to the Internet, then you go to the consulate in your country or theirs, you provide them with the information you have about that company, and you ask the consulate to check them out for you to see if it is safe. They will be happy to do that for you, and no matter how tempting it is, do not contact the people running the ad until you hear back from the consulate, and are COMPLETELY confident that they are legitimate. That's what the Consulate's are there for, for your protection.

You can even have them run checks on schools, to ensure no sex tourism is associated with them. A lot of schools look for teachers to teach English as a Second language, but some ads are hoaxes looking for pretty little blonds, or brunettes to use in their sex tourism rings. You wouldn't want to be kidnapped at the airport upon stepping on the soil, drug to a slimly motel, and tied to a bed repeatedly being raped by an endless stream of men. So picture that when you are reading it. Think to yourself, my God, what would I do if I was trapped by one of them? My God, is where I am really that bad?

A girl who wishes to remain nameless, told me personally, that a few years back she wanted to travel the world. She was offered a job to teach English as a Second Language in Thailand, for a catholic school, telling her that they had a team of American and British women living in the village of Hadia, and she'd fit right in. Prior to accepting the position, she received a message from another school in Bangkok warning her to be weary of Seedy Malaysian Sex Tourism, telling her that while the Tai people are a very peaceful and loving country, the Malaysian's across the boarder have a problem with Gangsters, and at times the Malaysian Gangsters terrorized the Tai's at night. They also target tourists, or non Tai people who unsuspectingly walking about.

These words, this talk, frightened this girl, and she wrote the man back in Bangkok and asked him what should she do, that she didn't want to be kidnapped at the airport upon arriving. He was a kind man, from England actually, he told her to have them checked out. She contacted the consulate in her own country, provided them with all the correspondence from the school, and asked them if they could find out if the school actually exits, and if they felt it would be safe for her to go there.

To her surprise, they were happy to help! After about two weeks of waiting, she had received a response back from her consulate, and they gave her the green light. The school did exist, teachers have gone there and worked at that school, and there were no reports of malicious conduct. By this time, the girl had another project emerge, and she had to put the teaching position on the back burner. But if that hadn't come up, she would have gone to Thailand, as she was confident that it would be safe, because she went through the proper channels.

Educating women on the dangers of Sex Slavery, will help to make them more alert to the dangers, and most importantly will help them avoid the danger all together. Imagine being a mother whose daughter went abroad and she never heard from her again. Trying to find help after they have gone is virtually impossible, as the girls are moved around from country to country, never staying at any one place for long. The pain that stabs in your heart every minute of the day, with worry, and uncertainty, is unbearable to the victims family, and these types of scams should be avoided at all costs.

If you have stars in your eyes, and all you want to do is become a Model or an Actress, do your homework. Watch FTV, and learn about the life of Models. In a follow up article, I intend to feature some of the most prominent Model Agencies in the world, where you can get an honest and safe start in your career. Let's take this one step at a time gals, do it properly from the get-go, and then you live your dreams.. not the nightmare.

Here are some really interesting links about Sex Tourism, one posted in September 007, and the other last june, that you should read, if you plan on working, or moving abroad.

According to CBC.com. http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/sexslaves.html

They wrote an article about the documentary about Sex Slavery where victims tell their stories, and they also have a foundation.

HELP THE VICTIMS: If you are interested in helping any of the victims of sex trafficking who appeared in the documentary 'Sex Slaves', a trust account has been opened by the production company responsible for the film. The company has been collecting donations and wiring them directly to the victims who appear in the documentary. Should you be interested in helping, you can contact the producers of the film at victimsoftrafficking@apltd.ca for further information. Number 2. 80 Sex Ring Houses were caught in England this year!


Please be careful gals, when making your plans to travel/move/work abroad. Protect yourself from the dangers that are lurking behind those villainous handsome faces, once they get you, there's no way out! Never attend an interview alone. Never leave without your cell phone fully charged if you attend an interview. Always make sure someone is aware where you are going, when, and when you expect to return, in case something happens. Always keep change, and some extra money on you, incase your car breaks down and you need to get out in a hurry. And for goodness sakes, don't take anyone's word at face value, check out their company with the BBB, or the Consulate, google their company name with spam next to it, to see if they scammed anyone else. Be smart about it, it could just save your life.

Peace and Love

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